settlers west galleries
celebrating over 50 years of fine art

Women Artists of the West: 50th Anniversary National Exhibit
March 25 - April 17

Settlers West is proud to host the Women Artists of the West’s 50th National Juried Exhibition. All paintings and sculpture are available for purchase first come, first-serve online now, and while our opening reception on March 27 at the gallery has been canceled, our gallery doors are open to view this magnificent show in person. Works are being unpacked and hung now, and the full show will be on display March 25 through April 17. Please email or call 520-299-2607 with purchase inquiries.

Carol Amos
Cholla and Mountains
20x24 oil
Kathryn Anderson
Wisdom Keeper
15H X 8Wx9D in bronze
Tracy Anderson
Two Heads Are Better Than One
16x8 scratchboard
Heather Arenas
Return Home Safe
14x18 oil
Jill Banks
Colorado Days
20x16 oil on linen
Crystal Beshara
Heart Whispers
16x12 w/c on paper
Bruce Bingham
French Rose Shadows
8x10 oil on Linen
Tina Bohlman
Saturday Shoppers
12x12 w/c on arches paper
Yvonne Bonacci
Heartfelt Handler II
20x16 oil on panel.
Liz Bohman
Sioux girl with Feathers
20x16 oil
Jane Bradley
36x24 oil on panel
Jeannie Breeding
Great Start to the Day!
16x20 oil
Bonnie Brentz
Sabino Saguero
24x20 oil
Lani Browning
McDowell Mountain Park
8x10 oil on linen on board
Nancee Jean Busse
Sunrise Roundup
12x28 acrylic on board
Jeanne Cardana
Chillin' In The Meramec
14x17 Polychromos colored pencil / vellum
Laara Cassells
Tracking - Mongolian Wolf
24x20 acrylic on board
Victoria Castillo
My Father in the Garden
10x8 oil
Mary Ann Cherry
Desert Bighorns
33x14.5 oil
Mary Ann Cherry
Fish Story
29x34 oil
Colette Claros
Pink Tutu
20x16 oil on linen
Amanda Cowan
Sally's Last Summer
16x20 oil on canvas
Janelle Cox
A Time Remembered
18x18 oil
Jan DeLipsey
24x30 oil on panel
Phyllis deQuevedo
Joie de Vivre
25Hx13Wx12D bronze
Linda Dobkin
Native Heirloom
12x12 oil on linen
Addren Doss
Wide open Spaces
18x24 oil
Margaret Drake
8H x11Wx8D bronze
Christine Drewyer
Ribbon Of Light
24x30 oil on linen
Christine Drewyer
In A Blaze of Glory
18x24 oil on linen
Barbara Edwards
Lilac Blossoms
20x16 oil on linen on panel
Kathy Ellem
Together we succeed
16x28 oil on linen
Beverly Endsley
We Have A Weaner!
11x14 oil on canvas
Marla Epstein
Summers End
36x24 oil on linen
Amy Evans
Place of Peace
24x20 oil
Judy Fairley
Cougar Glance
3.5x3.5 colored scratchboard
Kathryn Fehlig
Native Parade
8 x 10 scratchboard
Cynthia Feustel
30x24 oil
Robbie Fitzpatrick
The General Store
15x11 w/c on paper
Kelli Folsom
Pink Roses and Tea
12x16 oil on linen
Jan Fontecchio
Chipped Teacup
24x24 oil
Patricia Rose Ford
Homeward Inspiration
12x20 pastel
Mary Frankel
16x12 oil on linen
Lanie Frick
Strength In Patience
16x22 acrylic on board
Joey Frisillo
Path Through the Chamisa
12x16 oil panel
Tina Garrett
30x24 oil on canvas
B.R. Gates
Poetry II
16x20 oil
Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
31x20 pastel
Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
Problem Solving
20x16 oil
Nancy Haley
Taking A Break
24x30 oil
Syri Hall
A Donkey Kiss Good Night
14hx11Wx1.5D bronze
Sarah Harless
The Bay
14x18 oil
Cheryl Harley-Volz
Old Shep
13x11 graphite on dulular on sheet music
Julie Gowing Hayes
Woodland Redhead

12x9 oil on panel
Margie Hildreth
10x8 w/c on paper
Paula Holtzclaw
Creekside Oaks
30x24 oil on linen
Paula Holtzclaw
Through the Oaks
12x16 oil
Shirley Hove
22x17 pastel pencil on contre` paper
Helen Howerton
Too Close for Comfort
12x24 ccrylic
Debbie Hughbanks
Running Free
18x24 ccrylic
Jane Hunt
Lavender Fields
12x24 oil on panel
Jennifer Hunter
Lost and Found
20x16 oil on panel
Jeanne Hyland
Golden Days
15x11 w/c
Katherine Irish
A Moment in Albuquerque
20.5x35.50 pastel on sanded paper
Doreen Irwin
Hiding Under the Table
18x14 w/c on paper
Toni James
The Right Lead
27x17 graphite charcoal & colored pencil
Linda Johnson
Yellow Iris
19x13 w/c
H.R. Kaiser
They Speak With Forked Tongues
25Hx18Wx11D bronze
Reenie Kennedy
Best Buds
20x20 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Sarah Kennedy
10x10 oil on linen panel
Cheryl King
Velvet Prince
18x24 oil on aluminum
Lori Kiplinger-Pandy
Singing for His Sweetheart
7Hx7Wx9D ceramic
Leslie Kirchner
An Ear To The Wind- Coyote
11x14 oil
Dee Kirkham
Olive Jar With Peonies
18x24 oil
Sheryl Knight
Rock Creek Waterfall
16x20 oil on linen
Carol Latta
Flower Girl
24x12 acrylic
Johanna Lerwick
Sagebrush Sentinels
24x15 oil on canvas
Dana Lombardo
The Rush Gatherer
20x16 oil on linen
Tricia Love
Working The Yard
14x20 w/c
Carol Lundeen
Back to the Barn-Horse and Mule
12x12 oil on linen on board
Elise Mahaffie
Early Morning
12x12 oil on linen
Janel Maher
Show Time
13.5Hx15Wx5D bronze
Pamela Mangelsdorf
Finch on the Fountain
16x20 oil on board
Linda Mann
My Best Side
8x8 oil on linen
Sharon Markwardt
Eye on the Prize
12x12 oil
Susan Hediger Matteson
16x12 oil on linen
Barbara Mauldin
Taking Over
15x30 oil on canvas
Georgene McGonagle
Barnyard Follies
13Hx20Wx15.5D bronze & wood
Laurel McGuire
22x13 w/c on paper
Deanne McKeown
Ship of State, II
23Hx13Wx12D bronze
L McLoughlin
14x11 acrylic
Kathryn McMahon
Pack Up & Move `Em Out
11x20 oil
Vickie McMillan-Hayes
Pinyon Farmer
10x8 acrylic on board
Patricia Mayer
12x16 oil on linen
Kim Middleton
My Beak's Not Too Big
14x11 oil on gesso board
Molly Moore
Primal Force
16x20 pastel
Linda Mutti
Sierra Majesty
12x16 pastel
Barbara Nuss
Just Friends
20x16 oil on linen
Pat O’Brien
10x10 oil
Mejo Okon
Rain on the Horizon
16x20 oil
Jean Olliver
11x14 oil on canvas
Mary Lou Pape
Golden Hour
16x20 oil on board
Pokey Park
Beary Sharing
21Hx18Wx17D bronze
Vicki Pedersen
Letter From Home
24x18 oil on linen
Dena Peterson
Green Pitcher with Fruit
16x16 oil on panel
Anne Peyton
16x 16 acrylic
Aruna Rao
High Noon Grazing
16x20 oil on linen
Kimberly Reed-Deemer
Renaissance Faire, Santa Fe Style
25x32 oil on canvas
Charlene Roake
Hardscrabble Honchos
18x18 oil
Mary Russell
On the Wing
12x16 oil on canvas
Barby Schacher
Moment of Silence
18x24 pastel on board
Elizabeth Lewis Scott
Smarty Pants
12x9 oil
Naomi Shachar
Water Lilies
32x30 oil on linen
Kim Shaklee
20Hx15Wx14D bronze
Sandhyaa Shetty
Winter Gold
14x18 oil on canvas
Andria Sullivan
Watching Me
12x9 oil on canvas
Kim Taggart
The Glass Affect
25.5x18.5 graphite
Susan Temple Neumann
Wild River Crossing
18x24 oil on linen
Nori Thorne
Las Bailarinas
18x24 oil on linen
Jude Tolar
Wildflowers Romp
11x14 pastel on sanded paper
Cathryne Trachok
Life Used To Be So Hard
30x24 oil
Cecy Turner
Winter Attitude
20x24 oil
Line Tutwiler
Cabin By The Lake
12x16 oil on canvas
Burneta Venosdel
Dry Gulch
7.5Hx7Wx8D bronze
Linda Wacaster
10x17 pastel
Terri Wagner
16x16 oil on board
Sarah Webber
Boulder Creek Beauties
12x24 oil
Linda West
Spirit Drummers
16Hx9Wx9D terracotta
Ginger Whellock
Back to the Future
12x16 oil
Anita Winter
11x14 w/c
Pamela Winters
9hX7wX5d bronze with granite & walnut base
Sue Wipf
Monet's Water Lilies
12x16 oil on linen
Karen Young
Wind through the Sage
16x20 oil on canvas
Ni Zhu
10x8 oil on panel