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The Great American West - Saturday, November 18, 2017

Settlers West Gallery announces its annual Great American West exhibition on Saturday, November 18, 2017.  Robert Griffing, William Acheff, Ken Carlson and Francois Koch are among the outstanding artists exhibiting new paintings and sculptures in what is widely regarded as the Southwest’s premier fine art showcase. 



Artists Participating in the 2017 Great America West:

William Acheff
Mark Boedges
Harley Brown
Jeremy Browne
Ross Buckland
Steve Burgess
Stephanie Campos
Ken Carlson
Sheila Cottrell
Jim Daly
Mick Doellinger

Wesley James Drake
C. Michael Dudash
Teresa Elliott
Michael Ewing
Joni Falk
John Fawcett
Charles Fritz
Robert Griffing
Tom Hill
Chauncey Homer
Oreland Joe

Greg Kelsey
Francois Koch
D. Edward Kucera
Bruce K. Lawes
Lawrence Lee
Kyle Ma
Bonnie Marris
Kenny McKenna
Dan Mieduch
Denis Milhomme
Brenda Murphy
Don Oelze

Adair Payne
Darcie Peet
Allen Polt
Scott Tallman Powers
Ian Ramsay
R.S. Riddick
Alfredo Rodriguez
Scott Rogers
Bradley Schmehl
Cathy Sheeter
Brett James Smith

Daniel Smith
Tim Solliday
Phil Starke
Kathryn Stats
Daniel K. Tennant
Andy Thomas
Michael Ome Untiedt
Joseph Velazquez
Brittany Weistling
Kim Wiggins
David Yorke


Please email the gallery for more information or call 520-299-2607.